Individual Counseling

$100 for 1 therapeutic hour

Looking for Couples Counseling, Divorce Discernment, or Postpartum Counseling?

Depression, Anxiety, Codependency, Trauma, Relationship Tension, Finding True Self, Overcoming Shame, Recovering from Trauma, Recovering from Divorce.

Have you lost touch with yourself while scrambling to keep up with the demands of life? Are you reeling after a sudden change in your life? Often a major change can be the catalyst you need to finally step into the life you have always wanted.

I can guide you through your recovery from depression, anxiety, trauma (including sexual abuse), body image issues, mild OCD, addictions, and more. Regardless of what you are overcoming, therapy is a place for you to discover yourself.

With me, you will learn to map your internal realities, such as feelings, perceptions, expectations of self and others, yearnings and more. Through a variety of methods, I will teach you how to hone your inner compass, so you have a new way to process and respond to events now and in the future.