Divorce Discernment

This brief therapy is only intended to last 1-5 sessions. $165 for 1.5 hoursLooking for Couples Counseling, or Individual Counseling?

Are you trying to decide if couples counseling is worth it? Does one of you want to save the marriage, but the other is shopping for a divorce lawyer? Don’t worry. Therapy can still help you weigh the options before moving forward with a decision about the future of your relationship.

Divorce Discernment is specifically designed for couples where one partner is “leaning out” and the other is “leaning in”. For 1-5 sessions I will meet with you and your partner together and separately to explore what “went wrong” in the relationship and how each of you contributed to the problem. Once you have more information, you decide 1) to keep the status quo, 2) repair the relationship, or 3) get a divorce. No matter which path you choose, we will put together a plan for moving forward.

A confirmation of your appointment will be sent via email within 24 hours.

If you don't receive one, please contact Amanda@AuthenticallyRootedCounseling.com