Respond with Grace to Unwanted Postpartum Advice

Amanda Averbeck, MS, LMFT Associate with Mindfully Aligned

No false "Thank Yous", fake apologies, or unnecessary arguments. There is a way to side step advice without disengaging or disrespecting yourself or others.

Join us for a LIVE discussion about responding with confidence and grace to unwanted postpartum advice.

This discussion is also a teaser of a topic for my online Postpartum Therapy Group.

Did you miss the live? No worries watch it now!

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Q&A: How Postpartum Affects Your Relationship With Your Spouse

Amanda Averbeck, MS, LMFT-Associate with Mindfully Aligned II 7/26/2021

I had so much fun doing a Q&A last night with Mindfully Aligned!

Are you worried about how the postpartum period might affect your relationship with your spouse?

Watch to learn about the 4 main coping stances I see when couples come to counseling. Then I share some tips for changing how you cope and communicate during the postpartum period.

New Online Support for Postpartum Families!

Written by Amanda Averbeck, MS, LMFT-Associate 7/12/2021

You are well versed in what to expect during the first three trimesters, but are you prepared for what is to come in the fourth? During pregnancy you have the regular support of obstetricians, midwives, or doulas. Several apps and online groups are available to compare your baby’s size to fruit and count down the days until delivery. Friends and family shower you with gifts and care.

Once the baby is born, though, you might feel pushed to the wayside as everyone shifts their attention to the new little one. After the 6-week postpartum check, regular contact with doctors cease. (Except the pediatrician where the focus is on the baby.) And let’s be honest, online support groups frequently produce a mound of conflicting advice from several self-proclaimed experts.

Are you starting to wonder, “What about me!?” Where are you going to find support when you are awake at 3am for the 4th night in a row? Who is going to help you learn how to care for yourself while you care for your baby? Don’t worry! These concerns are completely normal.

You are NOT Selfish for needing support and care. I am going to say that again, repeat after me, “I am not selfish for needing support and care.”

You may have finished your pregnancy journey, but you’ve just begun your journey of postpartum healing and learning to be a mom (for the first time or for the first time to multiple children). Your body is different, your hormones are a mess, your boobs are leaking all over the one shirt that fits over your postpartum belly. Who is going to do your laundry while you heal the frisbee sized wound in your uterus and take care of the baby?

Many moms unrealistically expect to flawlessly master their new role without inconveniencing anyone. This expectation leads to feelings of personal failure, isolation, and depression. As a result, resentment and tension can build in your relationships.

If only there were a resource to support YOU. A resource that could be at your beck and call 24/7, even during those 3am feedings that leave you questioning your life decisions and ability to handle it all.

There is! Lauren and Lauren, the founders of Mindfully Aligned II, are launching a NEW way to support mothers during the postpartum period! It is affordable, online, and always available! Watch the introductory video to learn more about how to take care of yourself, your baby, ask for help as a new mom, and get ready for sex again. The best part? Both Laurens are available to personally help you develop your plan. Just reach out and ask!

Please note: This online learning module is intended to help you develop a plan of action for the fourth trimester. If at any time you feel like harming yourself, your baby, or others, please seek help from a mental health professional, such as myself. Or go to your nearest emergency room or call 911. Depression, Anxiety, OCD, Mania, and Psychosis are mental health conditions which can present as early as conception or 4 years after the first birthday. You don’t need to suffer in silence and shame. Many women experience what you are going through and come out the other side stronger. There is hope and help to regain your footing and feel like you again.