How much does it cost?

$100* for a 50 minute individual or couple session.

$150* for a 90 minute couples or family session.

$50 Group Therapy

*Need couples therapy and want a more affordable option? Join one of my psychoeducation groups where I teach Gottman's 7 Principles of Making Marriage Work. Contact me for details.

Do you offer week night and weekend appointments?

Yes, I am available for weeknight sessions. Weekend appointments are not available at this time.

Do you take insurance?

I can provide a superbill for you to submit a claim through your insurance on your own. I am out of network for all insurance companies. I can accept payment through HSA or any other Flexible Spending Account. Otherwise I take cash, Venmo, or Credit Card.

How frequently would I need to come?

After our initial interview, a schedule will be designed that works best for you. Some people want to meet once a week. Others benefit from twice a month or monthly sessions.

How long would I need to stay in therapy to see a benefit?

This is unique to each person. Some people find their new balance in a few weeks, others like to continue the growth process for months or years. At the end of each session we can evaluate if scheduling another appointment will benefit you.

What is Transformational Systemic Therapy?

Transformational Systemic Therapy is a way I like to think about change. When people get in touch with their true selves and connect with others from that authentic place, it becomes easier to discover new solutions and implement change. Read more about this type of therapy here.